Club Compare

Swing Labs compares the performance of up to three clubs that have been selected by the fitter or golfer, and identifies the best overall performing club. The Swing Labs unbiased, performance-based fitting solution analyzes and summarizes the objective analysis of launch data parameters and displays the performance characteristics highlighting strengths and weaknesses of each club. Club Compare is the perfect method to compare a golfer's existing club against other newer models!

Each club is presented side by side and data is broken down in the following categories:

  • Overall Performance
  • Shot Efficiency
  • Distance
  • Launch Angle
  • Direction/Deviation
  • Backspin
  • Shot Grouping/ Clustering

Are Your Clubs Helping or Hurting Your Game?

How would you like to gain 10, 20, or even 30 yards and improve your accuracy without changing your swing?

I would never dream of playing with clubs without getting them matched to my swing. I wouldn't, none of the Tour Pro's I've coached ever have, and neither should you.

Hank Haney

15 Swings - 15 minutes
- 15 yards

Find out your Improvement Quotient (IQ) -
your potential improvement in distance and consistency by optimizing launch angle and spin rate without changing your swing! It's quick and easy!

It's Just Physics!

Potential Distance = Optimized Ball Speed + Optimized Launch Angle + Optimized Back Spin
(Without Changing Your Swing!)

Sell Real Performance Improvement, Not Just Equipment

In the age of the educated consumer, the ability to justify a decision to purchase new equipment, supported by the objective and unbiased performance data, provide a point of service differentiation for PGA Professionals, fitters, and retailers.

  • Swing Labs is an easy-to-use, but POWERFUL TOOL for experienced and novice fitters alike that helps provide a premium experience and value to the golfer while saving time and research for the fitter.
  • Performance-based fitting leads to more satisfied customers which builds customer loyalty.

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