Custom Fit

Custom Fit is an advanced fitting module geared towards use of interchangeable fitting carts and custom head/shaft options offered by leading equipment manufacturers. This module includes recommendation of the best stock or custom shaft for drivers and irons, and the ability to customize length and lie angle for iron fittings, as well as exotic and custom shaft offerings for drivers and irons.

If you're not getting the performance
you deserve

Get a Swing Labs fitting and stop those old clubs from hurting your game. Click on the fitting locator to find a Swing Labs fitting partner to receive an unbiased fitting today!

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Are Your Clubs Helping or Hurting Your Game?

How would you like to gain 10, 20, or even 30 yards and improve your accuracy without changing your swing?

I would never dream of playing with clubs without getting them matched to my swing. I wouldn't, none of the Tour Pro's I've coached ever have, and neither should you.

Hank Haney

Custom Fit does not
mean Expensive!

Matching the best equipment configuration to your unique swing does not have to mean expensive or exotic.
Performance-based fitting matches a golfer's swing with the best stock or custom equipment, much of which is available at no extra cost. In fact, performance-based fitting helps the golfer avoid wasting money on clubs that hurt and not help your game.

Have confidence in the
fit you get!

Getting a Swing Labs unbiased performance-based fit guarantees the club being recommended has been selected based on an exhaustive search against all club models and specs available. This doesn't diminish the importance or role of the professional fitter - it simply gives them (and you) more confidence in the final recommendation.

Advanced Capabilities
Not a Fitter's knowledge of
what equipment is available

Swing Labs now enables viewing or sorting of club recommendations by Performance vs. Forgiveness characteristics of equipment.

Swing Labs resolves a common industry dilemma of how to compare 6 iron demo equipment from certain manufacturers to 7 iron demo clubs upon which some OEMs have recently based their standards. Swing Labs accomplishes this by normalizing the data, which enables both clubs to be compared equally and fairly.

New advanced capabilities include static and dynamic length and lie analysis for iron fitting, and custom shaft recommendations for both drivers and irons, custom and exotic shafts, plus ball recommendations.

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