Stock Fit

Stock Fit is designed particularly with retailers in mind, to assist fitters and golfers finding the optimum stock head and shaft offerings by leading manufacturers. This Swing Labs fitting module involves DATABASE MATCHING of the top clubs to each golfer's individual needs. Simply continue to Stock Fit after completing a MyClub IQ session with your own driver and 6 iron, or select a different Control Club (and club contained within the database of over 800,000 club combinations) and hit shots. Swing Labs will analyze the launch data and provide stock club recommendations from the retailer's inventory. Changes in club model design, directional bias, forgiveness, loft, adjustable club settings, and stock shaft specification are recommended to optimize the performance of the golfer.

Visual Scoring

Swing Labs provides visual scoring that shows the best matching club configurations from available inventory as well as their ranking based upon how closely the recommendations match the characteristics necessary to improve the golfer’s launch conditions. Visual scoring also serves as a reference for fitters and golfers as to the FORGIVENESS versus WORKABILITY of each club from independent testing.

Are Your Clubs Helping or Hurting Your Game?

How would you like to gain 10, 20, or even 30 yards and improve your accuracy without changing your swing?

I would never dream of playing with clubs without getting them matched to my swing. I wouldn't, none of the Tour Pro's I've coached ever have, and neither should you.

Hank Haney

7 Iron Normalization

Over the last few years many irons have become stronger in loft (essentially making 7 irons play like 6 irons), some equipment manufacturers have converted their demo equipment from 6 irons to 7 irons. This makes equal comparison of other manufacturers demo clubs difficult. Each of these clubs have different ball flight optimums and present a challenge even for the most skilled fitters. Swing Labs converts 7 iron data to equivalent 6 iron data so each iron model has an equal opportunity to be recommended.

Create Your Own
Standards for Fitting
Standards That Normalize
Manufacturer Variation

The lack of an industry standard for length, loft, and lie is a challenge for fitters and can affect the duration, experience, and results of a typical fitting. In addition, 6-iron and 7-iron variations among fitting carts or demonstration inventory make it difficult for fitters to perform a true apples to apples comparison across brands.

  • Many fitters have to reference product manuals or manufacturer web sites to access equipment specification information which takes additional time or detracts from the service.
  • Swing Labs is a resource that cross references all major brand standards including all head and shaft combinations.
  • 6-iron and 7-iron variations among fitting carts or demonstration inventory are cross referenced and normalized.
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Fit to a Golfers Potential
Not a Fitter's knowledge of
what equipment is available

It is impossible to know the true performance of all club configurations without access to R&D and test data.

  • Swing Labs recommendations are derived from a database of over 827,000 possible head/shaft combinations.
  • Swing Labs helps fitters who are faced with the challenge of frequent product cycles and a multitude of changing options, including adjustability of clubs and shafts from most manufacturers.
  • All performance testing is conducted by Golf Laboratories, the industry's leading independent testing facility.
  • All clubs and shafts of major manufacturers are tested across a wide range of speeds and includes multi-point face performance.
  • Swing Labs identifies optimal settings for adjustability of club heads and shafts that help optimize ball flight trajectory and shot shapes.

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