What is MyClub IQ?

MyClub IQ is a product that objectively demonstrates the performance loss a golfer experiences due to clubs improperly matched to his or her unique swing profile. In about 15 minutes and 15 swings, the average golfer will find out how to gain 15 or more yards.

MyClub IQ stands for Improvement Quotient, a measure that defines performance potential! MyClub IQ will provide you with a personalized report that characterizes the performance of your existing driver and 6 iron based upon your current launch conditions, compared to what is possible when matched to equipment designed to optimize your launch conditions, without changing your swing!

If you're not getting the performance
you deserve

Get a Swing Labs fitting and stop those old clubs from hurting your game. Click on the fitting locator to find a Swing Labs fitting partner to receive an unbiased fitting today!

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Get More Out of Your Swing

By using the Swing Labs and our unbiased, performance-based fitting solution, the MyClub IQ, there is now a way to see if fitting is for you.
In less than 15 minutes, you too can realize that performance is not
just a luxury reserved for golfers with an abundance of time and
access to instruction. Average golfers can now tap into their optimal performance potential, just the same way Professionals do.

It only takes 15 minutes! Our data shows that 90% of all golfers
tested are leaving about 15 yards on the table.

15 Swings - 15 minutes
- 15 yards

Find out your Improvement Quotient (IQ) -
your potential improvement in distance and consistency by optimizing launch angle and spin rate without changing your swing! It's quick and easy!

It's Just Physics!

Potential Distance = Optimized Ball Speed + Optimized Launch Angle + Optimized Back Spin
(Without Changing Your Swing!)

Custom Fit does not
mean Expensive!

Matching the best equipment configuration to your unique swing does not have to mean expensive or exotic.
Performance-based fitting matches a golfer's swing with the best stock or custom equipment, much of which is available at no extra cost. In fact, performance-based fitting helps the golfer avoid wasting money on clubs that hurt and not help your game.

You are Good Enough!

Whether you shoot 75, or 105, most likely you, too, are playing with clubs not properly matched to your swing. Regardless of skill level, who can afford to give up 10, 20 or as much as 30 yards off the tee? The reality is that close to 90% of golfers are losing some amount of distance because they haven't been properly fit. So the odds you're playing the right clubs for your game is just 10%.

Find your Needle in the
Club Haystack!

With over 827,000 combinations of heads and shafts available to choose from, the chance a golfer will find the right club on their own is like finding a needle in a haystack! In combination with today's leading launch monitors that measure your launch angle, spin rate and ball speed, Swing Labs recommends the best specifications to achieve optimal performance without changing your swing.

Independent & Unbiased

Swing Labs uses Golf Laboratories, the industry's leading independent club testing facility to run a battery of tests to establish a club's performance under known conditions. This vast database of information is what powers Swing Labs to give the golfer an unbiased driver or iron recommendation.

Have confidence in the
fit you get!

Getting a Swing Labs unbiased performance-based fit guarantees the club being recommended has been selected based on an exhaustive search against all club models and specs available. This doesn't diminish the importance or role of the professional fitter - it simply gives them (and you) more confidence in the final recommendation.

Still choose a brand -
We just help you choose the right model and spec!

All of today's golf club manufacturers make great clubs with many optional configurations of heads and shafts. So, if you have a preferred brand, Swing Labs' unbiased performance-based fitting solution can quickly match your personal swing to your preferred brand's best configuration.

Hank Haney

"I would never dream of playing with clubs without getting them matched to my swing. I wouldn't, none of the Tour Pro's I've coached ever have, and neither should you."

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