The Swing Labs Difference

Swing Labs advances the club fitting process and seeks to overcome fitting bias and simple trial-and-error methods of the past by combining launch monitor technology with unbiased equipment testing and profiling, comprehensive data analysis, and database matching to each golfer's swing characteristics. Every Swing Labs fitting involves complex mathematical analysis of the golfer's launch data, up to twenty different combined analyses of parameters for each single shot. The result is a club fitting process that reduces overall fitting time, matches the golfer to clubs with the performance characteristics to optimize the golfer's potential, and helps close equipment sales through easy-to-understand reporting.

Unbiased Data

Based upon dynamic testing using both robots and golfers, and utilizing Golf Laboratories' more than 20 years of experience as an independent testing and research company, Swing Labs is able to provide launch data analysis and completely objective and unbiased equipment recommendations for the top golf equipment on the market.

Benefits of our Equipment and Advanced Software

  • Reduces time required to complete a typical fitting.
  • Provides independent, unbiased, and objective third-party recommendation of products, thereby increasing consumer confidence.
  • Provides dynamic research of equipment, optimal shot parameters, and objective interpretation of launch data.
  • Allows for a unified and consistent process across staff and multiple locations.
  • Provides a summary of the fitting experience to the customer as a "take-home" web deliverable.
  • Generates detaled reporting such as number of fittings by store orby staff, consumer demographics, and what inventory is being recommended most.
  • Provides the ability to track & monitor all fittings performed as part of your business.

Key Features of Swing Labs

  • Golfer access to online data and reports. Hierarchical pull-down menus for instant access to common tasks.
  • Visual scoring of recommended clubs and shafts with customizable reports than can be printed or emailed.
  • 256-bit SSL encryption if all data. Built-in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to manage your fitting customers.
  • Instant update of software and equipment test data via the Internet.
  • Customize the look of reports with your company branding.
  • Customizable Inventory Controls.
  • Online training, help, and support.

15 Swings - 15 minutes
- 15 yards

Find out your Improvement Quotient (IQ) -
your potential improvement in distance and consistency by optimizing launch angle and spin rate without changing your swing! It's quick and easy!

It's Just Physics!

Potential Distance = Optimized Ball Speed + Optimized Launch Angle + Optimized Back Spin
(Without Changing Your Swing!)

Custom Fit does not
mean Expensive!

Matching the best equipment configuration to your unique swing does not have to mean expensive or exotic.
Performance-based fitting matches a golfer's swing with the best stock or custom equipment, much of which is available at no extra cost. In fact, performance-based fitting helps the golfer avoid wasting money on clubs that hurt and not help your game.

You are Good Enough!

Whether you shoot 75, or 105, most likely you, too, are playing with clubs not properly matched to your swing. Regardless of skill level, who can afford to give up 10, 20 or as much as 30 yards off the tee? The reality is that close to 90% of golfers are losing some amount of distance because they haven't been properly fit. So the odds you're playing the right clubs for your game is just 10%.

Find your Needle in the
Club Haystack!

With over 827,000 combinations of heads and shafts available to choose from, the chance a golfer will find the right club on their own is like finding a needle in a haystack! In combination with today's leading launch monitors that measure your launch angle, spin rate and ball speed, Swing Labs recommends the best specifications to achieve optimal performance without changing your swing.

Independent & Unbiased

Swing Labs uses Golf Laboratories, the industry's leading independent club testing facility to run a battery of tests to establish a club's performance under known conditions. This vast database of information is what powers Swing Labs to give the golfer an unbiased driver or iron recommendation.

Have confidence in the
fit you get!

Getting a Swing Labs unbiased performance-based fit guarantees the club being recommended has been selected based on an exhaustive search against all club models and specs available. This doesn't diminish the importance or role of the professional fitter - it simply gives them (and you) more confidence in the final recommendation.

Still choose a brand -
We just help you choose the right model and spec!

All of today's golf club manufacturers make great clubs with many optional configurations of heads and shafts. So, if you have a preferred brand, Swing Labs' unbiased performance-based fitting solution can quickly match your personal swing to your preferred brand's best configuration.

Hank Haney

"I would never dream of playing with clubs without getting them matched to my swing. I wouldn't, none of the Tour Pro's I've coached ever have, and neither should you."

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